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Pitch@Palace 7.0: Vote for Big Learning Company

Big Learning Company – Building connections to inspire BIG learning and creativity

Back in Febraruy, Tramshed Tech welcomed the Creative Cardiff Community and HRH Prince Andrew for Pitch@Palace7.0 on Tour all focused around Human Tech. It was a fantastic event and it showcased some of the incredible talent we have here in Wales… See the story of the full day here or watch below!! 

One of our inspiring tenants Big Learning Company were lucky  (We wouldn’t call it luck – we would call it hard work, determination and some BIG ideas!) enough to make it through to Boot Camp in Nottingham this month. NOW, they have made it through to The People’s Choice Vote and this is where you come in. Big Learning Company need YOUR help to get through to the Palace and showcase their product to some big names!


We interviewed the team at Big Learning Company to find out just what makes their business so special and how it is going to change the world of education…

Tell me all about Big Learning Company…

 Big Learning Company is a digital training company. We work in both the education sector and the digital tech sector, with an aim to bridge the gap between Education and Business to the benefit of both sides. At Big Learning Company we offer a range of services and products to improve digital competency within any organisation.

We innovate and develop practical training for young learners and business people, to be able to adapt effectively to ever changing technological progression, faced with ever shorter refresh rates. At Big Learning Company we create learning opportunities that make a difference. A Big difference…

If you work with BLC you will see first-hand that we are a company with an unrivalled expertise in both the education sector and technology development, ensuring a complete knowledge, understanding and insight into the best ways to connect businesses with schools to create valuable opportunities for growth.

Who is a typical Big Learning Company client?

BLC product and services have the potential and versatility to reach all areas within education and business. At present we are working primarily in the Education sector, delivering training to improve digital competence in schools. We work with schools individually, school clusters and consortia, creating and developing engaging learning projects.


As mentioned above, we are passionate about bridging the gap between Business and Education and we are currently collaborating with representatives from both industries, to innovate new project ideas which will enable students to receive 21st Century Skill training for the jobs of the future.

What does a day look like in the life of a BLC Trainer?

There is never a dull moment and no day is ever the same! Our training team are full of energy and always prepared for any eventuality. If we are training in a school, we always receive a welcome reception and eyes light up when the students eyes clock the lego boxes! A regular training session would typically be a continuation of a project. A brief introduction will take place followed by instruction and facilitation. It is important for BLC trainers to be observant. Our aim is always to improve the competence of students collectively, this requires a very personal approach, looking out for students who are not so receptive to the tasks providing them with extra support and at the sand time identifying students who are excelling in the tasks and ensuring they are given additional instruction that really pushes them to their limits! Once school is over for the day, we return to our creative hub, Tramshed Tech to assess and evaluate the improvements made. It is equally as important to us to present the findings and to the teachers and students at it is to provide the training.


Wales are launching the new digital competency framework, what do you see as the biggest challenge facing teachers around this? and how can BLC help?

I believe the main challenges teachers face with this particular change are time management and finding the right resources. When faced with a challenge or problem, everyone just needs solutions and BLC provides a variety of fun, engaging and productive solutions to help and support schools with their DCF implementation. We are creative thinkers who are continually innovating to discover the best and most effective ways to improve digital competence. Our projects are carefully thought out and planned strategically to cover several strands of the framework at any one time. In addition to this our partnership with LEGO education enables us deliver practical and interactive digital training, with incredible results.

Watch Big Learning Company tell  you why you should vote for them… 



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