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Humans of Grangetown: Episode 4

Young’s Fruit and Veg – Martin Young

We’re Young’s Fruit and Veg, and we’re a greengrocers and fruit sellers based in the heart of Grangetown, on Penarth Road. We’re actually celebrating the milestone of our 100th birthday next year, meaning we’re proud to be Grangetown’s oldest business. That will be a fantastic celebration and we’ll definitely be thinking about how far we’ve come since 1917.

It’s very much in the family – we’re all Young’s, as the name suggests. I think there’s something special about passing the business down the generations. My grandfather Tom started it in the First World War, then my father Ted took over 50 years ago. I’m Martin, and I’ve been running it for the past decade. It’s still very much as it always was, although I did make some changes to the building work.


Over time, Grangetown has changed a lot, especially more recently. We’re having less regular customers than we used to. I’d say the area might have improved overall, but not necessarily for small businesses. Grangetown in general has strong family roots – my own family were born in this very building, but of course today we’re living differently to how our parents did. It’s natural for areas to progress, yet it’s still definitely regained a little piece of history.

The BBC development should hopefully bring income into Grangetown, which will of course be welcomed, but it’s important to remember to support local businesses. I think they are what keep the local area thriving. Without them, suburbs blend into one and lose their personalities, and that’s not what Cardiff wants!

We’ve always been on this street, so it’s hard to compare how we would’ve done elsewhere. Grangetown is home and we can’t imagine moving!

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